Immersive retreat for instructor training in Nidrâ Yoga in December 2020

Join the international Master of Nidrâ Yoga André Riehl for a 30 days immersive retreat within states of consciousness where space, joy and silence are without boundaries.

Assisted by four other teachers, this retreat will explore the fondamental practices of the deep conscious relaxation, of the penetrative concentration with an in-depth purification investigation on the consciousness content.

Students will receive a certificate of achievement in Nidrâ Yoga at the end of the month.

Change of location : Retreat will be on Amorgos Island, Greece at Aegialis Hotel & Spa

Update : 14/10/2020


December 1-30, 2020


Amorgos Island, Greece Aegialis Hotel & Spa


For Yoga teachers & spirituals seekers


€1000 – 3000

Time left for the price “Regular Price”


Topics to be studied

Week 1

3 Granthis & 9 Pratipatti

The 3 granthis (energy nodes) traditionally called Shiva, Vishnu, and Brahma granthi can be understood as seats of reflection, affection, and vitality. The 9 pratipatti (resources) are qualities to be balanced for full use of our potentialities.

These practices are the basis upon which deeper exploration of nidrâ yoga is possible.

Week 2

5 Indriyas

The 5 indriyas are the 5 sense organs and their functioning, which link the internal and external world.

The practice is to relax the physical sense organs (nose, tongue, eyes, skin, ears), enhance the processes of perception (smell, taste, sight, touch, hearing), and cleanse the psychological memories stored in the brain.

Week 3

Pranamaya Kosha

The pranamaya kosha is the subtle or energetic body consisting of nadis (channels) and chakras (vortices).

The practice is to explore and enhance the different qualities of energy through symbolic images, vibrating sounds from the Sanskrit alphabet, and shapes and colors.

Week 4

Yama Yoga

Yama yoga is the relationship to death and the deathing process. It is considered a mandatory passage for accessing the deepest realities of consciousness.

The practice is to differentiate between death as an event and deathing as a process. It includes exercises on the mahabhutas (elements) and their dissolution before death, as well as the relationship to the family lineage (horizontal) and spiritual lineage (vertical).

Teaching Team

André Riehl

Yogi Sri Bashkar Nath, born André Riehl

Born as André Riehl in France, he underwent a yogic sadhana from the age of 11.

He first began practicing yoga at 11 years old and has studied intensively since 1972. Walking the roads of India in search of traditional instructors, he had the opportunity to study the inner journey of ascetics living outside of the worldly life and encounter famous personalities and great figures of spirituality such as J. Krishnamurti and Ma Ananda Mayee.

His decisive meeting with the Nath and Udasin lineages enabled him to integrate these teachings previously received. He has deepened his practice of nidrâ yoga for the last 55 years and started spreading it across 5 continents for the last 20 years. He has guided yoga seekers in 25 countries around the world.

President of the Fédération des Yogas Traditionnels, teacher trainer for the European Union of Yoga, member of the India Yoga Association, and Nidra Yoga Acharya appointed by the Yoga Confederation of India, he strives to transmit authentic teachings combining ancestral and contemporary knowledge.

Assisted by:

Thierry Vallois

Born in 1955, nurse by profession.
Before practicing Nidrā Yoga, Thierry discovered Vipassana meditation (S.N. Goenka) in 1984. He spent 5 years in India, Sri Lanka and Burma, and studied Buddhism with Ven. Lama Kirti Tsenshab Rinpoche (India), Fri Sun Lun Sayadaw and Fri Pa Auk Sayadaw (Burma), then with Ven. Nyanadharo Mahāthera (France).


For more than 20 years, she has been conducting a passionate investigation into Indian spiritual scriptures and western psychology arcana. She is an archeologist of the human soul and long distance navigator whose trips took her to where the living roots of the traditions dwell. Today she lectures for sharing her knowledge and transmitting her discoveries.

Price of the training

Time left for the price “Regular Price”

Very Early Bird


before Mar 1, 2020
(deposit €500)

Early Bird


before May 1, 2020
(deposit €750)

Regular Price


before Nov 15, 2020
(deposit €1000)

Deposit to be paid by bank transfer. Remaining €500 to be paid in cash on arrival.
Read the cancellation conditions at the bottom of the page.

Accomodation & Food

Duration of accommodation

  • Arrival : 30th November 2020
  • Departure : 31st December 2020

Famous for being one of the top European yoga destinations, Aegialis Hotel & Spa offers a luxurious, 5-star experience for all guests.

They have been welcoming yoga retreats since 2011, and yogis from all over the world join in Amorgos island for an unforgettable retreat experience.

With 6 beautiful yoga shalas to choose from, complimentary yoga props, and fresf delicious food, retreats here are a serene and unique experience.

Room tarif for one month

Single room2070
Double room1380 €
Triple room1185 €

Room booking

After registration and advance payment for the retreat, room booking should be made directly through the center at [email protected]

Precising the booking is for NIDRA YOGA RETREAT with Andre ji – December 2020

Price includes

  • 3 organic meals per day
NOTE: Please don't use the center website for booking your room. Send an e-mail for your reservation only, payment upond arrival.

Nidra Yoga International will not be responsible in case of not booking by students.

Other informations

  1. Flight to Athens, Greece
  2. From Athens there are 2 possibilites to arrive :


Students will receive a Nidra Yoga Certificate* at the end of the month (300hrs).

*The retreat is organised by RASA-NIDRAYOGA INTERNATIONAL, 326 Route de Saint Andiol – Eyragues FR 13630, a legally registered non-profit organisation (N° 0343033515) under the 1901 French law.

RASA-NIDRAYOGA INTERNATIONAL is officially recognized by the Fédération des Yoga Traditionnels, the European Union of Yoga, the Indian Yoga Association, the India Yoga Confederation and Global Yoga Alliance.

Cancellation Policy:

  • Very Early Bird: No refund in any case
  • Early Bird: Cancellations before June 1, 2020 will be reimbursed 75% of the advance payment. After June 1, 2020 there is no refund but you may send a friend in your place.
  • Regular Price: Cancellations before September 1, 2020 will be reimbursed 50% of the advance payment. After September 1, 2020 there is no refund but you may send a friend in your place.

Once started, the training retreat cannot be reimbursed if students leave before the end of the program.


  • miriam van doorn
    Posted 5 January 2020 8h28 0Likes

    I am interested in attending the 30 day immersive retreat. Could you possibly send me a proposed daily schedule.
    Many thanks,

    • André Riehl
      Posted 5 January 2020 10h56 0Likes

      Thanks Miriam for your message
      We are still working on the schedule, and it might be changed during the retreat according to the necessities of the teachings and also to the students’ needs.
      To give you an idea, the proposed schedule could be like the following:
      6:30 Soft asana body awakening
      7:15 Prana Kriya
      8:30 Breakfast
      10 – 12:30 Nidrâ Sadhana
      13:00 Lunch break
      15:30 – 16:30 Svadhyaya
      16:30 – Tea break
      17 – 19: 30 Nidrâ Sadhana
      19:45 Dinner
      21:00 – 21:45 Satsang – Questions/Answer

      Please, understand this schedule is not 100% sure. It will be adapted to the needs on the spot and might change some days or for several days.

      Thanking you.

  • André Riehl
    Posted 30 April 2020 13h05 0Likes

    Nous avons bien reçu votre message à propos de la retraite de nidrâ Yoga en Inde en décembre prochain.
    Le confinement a effectivement eu un impact sur tous les programmes d’enseignement, mais la retraite est toujours d’actualité aujourd’hui et nous continuons à la préparer.
    Il reste de la place et vous pourrez vous inscrire dès que vous le pourrez.
    Évidemment les finances de beaucoup de personnes sont davantage limitées qu’auparavant, mais nous pensons que tout sera plus simple dans les semaines à venir.
    N’hésitez pas à nous contacter si vous avez besoin de plus d’informations.

    Recevez notre amitié
    NYI secrétariat

  • Roseanne
    Posted 11 August 2023 0h43 0Likes

    My name is Roseanne Tavares, I would like have this experience in my live. I would like to now if daughter 14 year old can do it with me? And how it work? Can you send the price for the end of this year or early next year.

    Thank you!


    Roseane Tavares

    • André Riehl
      Posted 11 August 2023 15h12 0Likes

      I don’t understand what you ask
      Please be more precise

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