An immersion in states of contemplation and self-discovery beyond the mind

3-weeks retreat in the heart of the millennial traditional Teachings of Shivaism.

The teachings by way of practices:

  • Sithilikarana: very deep awakened relaxation of psycho physical structures
  • Dharana: penetrating concentration without tension in the waking, dream and sleep states
  • Svadhyaya: study and clarification of conscious and unconscious thought patterns
  • Dhyana: guided meditations


  • The Granthis: 3 levels of very deep relaxation and 3 intensities of concentration.
  • Indriya: Sensory faculties and their activation in the brain.
  • Prana Maya Kosha /subtle body: nadis, chakras and energy awakening.
  • Yama Yoga: yogic death and subtle intangible maps


Magnificent estate in the heart of the Carpathian mountains of Romania, surrounded by centuries-old forests in the total silence of nature.

Full room and board, organic food, with internet access.

The teaching takes place in French. Seminar limited to 20 participants.

Teacher André Riehl has been retransmitting the teaching of his teachers for 40 years in Europe, Asia and South America. Trainer with Yoga Confederation of India and European Yoga Union. Founder of the International Network Nidrâ Consciousness Foundation®

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