Discover the Nidrâ Yoga in 4 videos:

Andrea Zaccaro and Gaspare Alfi
Students for their Phd under the guidance of Professor Angelo Giminiani of Pisa University/Italy, Andrea and Gaspare are presenting here their research project trying to identify the origin of consciousness through the practice of nidrâ yoga.

Nans Thomassey 
A nidrâ yoga student for the last twelve years, Nans, already well known for his television documentaries, presents here the relationship between the subjective inner experiences and the objective scientific experimentation showing the brain activities on a screen.

Aline Vilanova
A nidrâ yoga student for the past twenty years and nidrâ teacher for the last five years, Aline talks about the very first effects of nidrâ compared to the classical yoga description and opens up other perspectives on the deepest levels of nidrâ.

André Riehl
A nidrâ yoga student for the past 56 years and a tirelessness transmitter of this path across the five continents for the past twenty years, André explains here in details what concentration and meditation are with their practical implications
Wishing to free the audience from confusion arising from approximative meanings, he insists here on the feelings and directions of the different steps perceived through the practice of nidrâ yoga.

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