Discovering Nidrâ Yoga

We are happy to see new people interested in Nidrâ Yoga and traditional yoga practices every day.

Dive into the heart of the Nidrâ by following our training courses with André Riehl, international teacher.


Nidrâ Yoga

A yoga of conscious dream and sleep, Nidrâ Yoga has its origin in the traditions of Kashmir Shivaism and Vedanta, both dating back several thousand years.


The Nidrâ Yoga training with André Riehl is open to anyone who wishes to approach this meditative approach using relaxation and concentration as a way of deep knowledge.

The teacher

President of the Federation of Traditional Yoga in 1992, trainer of yoga teachers, André Riehl strives to transmit authentic teachings combining ancestral and contemporary knowledge.

Understanding and practicing Nidrâ Yoga with André Riehl