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First research tests

First research tests

January 2015:

We are in Italy for the scientific tests on the nidrâ yoga effects. In a moment, the research team will try to measure the level of consciousness into which Serge is immersed …



First results about modified states of consciousness trough Nidrâ Yoga :

before the exercises, it already seems that students above 20 years of inner practice are meeting a state in between waking and sleeping states more frequently than the average people. After exercises, this state in between waking and sleeping shows up much more often. Would that be a measurable recognition of what nidrâ yoga tradition calls « turya » (the 4th state or samadhi) ? The research goes on…


Photo : a student in a nidrâ session with EEG test

Department of cardiology, General Hospital of Pisa – Italy. Research on the effects of nidrâ yoga on the heart and arteries activities.


A project is planned on organizing a study about brain and heart changes through nidrâ yoga during the practice itself. This should be done in 2015 at Somapa, south of France.