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Research program: Nidrâ Yoga – Health & Neurosciences

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Origin and genesis of the process

The origins of Nidrâ Yoga are scientifically uncertain, the oral tradition seems to have preceded several millennia written culture. The rare texts still referring there mainly from the Kashmir Shaivism tradition written around the tenth century.

Since that time the teachings being propagated directly from instructor to students, Nidrâ Yoga remained in a living tradition.

Today, however, when our world is full societal change, many private and public institutions are asking the question of human development. Some of them raise the issue of real and measurable effects of multiple forms of yoga.

André Riehl, studied 22 years with Kashmiri Babu, one of the the holders of this old tradition. He retransmits this approach since 1998 across Europe, North Africa, South America and Asia.

Checking the effects of Nidrâ Yoga with people from very different cultures, and the proposal of some prominent researchers, the research project “Nidrâ Yoga, Health and Neurosciences” emerged in an attempt action on the brain that have not until now never been made. 




Research Objectives:

  • scientific testing of this traditional yoga teachings,
  • verify the contributions to the physical, emotional and mental health of the practitioners,
  • try to map the interactions and effects of yoga nidrâ in the brain,
  • investigate the link between the state of meditation and neuronal modifications
  • measure the levels of neurotransmitters in the advanced yoga exercises nidrâ. 


The research team is in contact with the European Union of Yoga ( and the Professional Association of Yoga Switzerland ( and private funding for this research. All work is based on volunteerism, none of the researchers being paid.

Support and call for funds

Not being funded by any public authority, we seek individuals and private organizations to carry out this research, to gather the necessary funds. A portion has already been collected, but not yet enough.

Each donor will be informed on the progress of the research, its progress and results. 

Thank you in advance for your support. Brochure Research